Lace Transfer Foil

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Effect Foil

lace foils. 

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Tip: don't harden the dispersion of the product too much, don't touch the matt side of the sheet with your fingers.


Add shine to your creations.
For quick designs.
Easy to apply.


Create any gel, gel, acrylgel or acrylic nail polish design;
Cure a layer of nail polish for 30 seconds in the MultiLed lamp;
Gently transfer the foil to certain areas of the dispersion layer or use foils glue. If using foils glue, wait for the liquid to become transparent, do not apply too thick a layer.
Apply one of the top coats of Indigo gel varnish, e.g. Wet Look, Tip Top, remembering to carefully fix the free edge of the nail;
Cure the top coat for 30 seconds in the MultiLed lamp;
Wait about 1 minute before applying any skin-care products.

If you wish to transfer the foil only to certain areas, e.g. ornaments, create them using Paint Gel Black. Harden the top coat for 30 seconds in the MultiLed lamp. Wait 1 minute before applying care products. Set the nail with one of the Indigo top coats, e.g. Wet Look, Tip Top, hardening for 30 seconds in the MultiLed lamp.

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Lace Transfer Foil

Lace Transfer Foil

Effect Foil

lace foils. 

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