Indigo Cover n°4 38g

CHF 29.50

Powder cover 4

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    Indigo Cover n°4  38g

    Indigo Cover n°4 38g

    Powder cover 4

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    Common feature of all acrylic powders are:
    Very fine, with high plasticity. Very strong adhesion to natural nail plate.

    What's the difference between Indigo's powders and competition?

    - Quick set-time for ultimate sculpting control. Save you time during french stilization.

    - You will be surprise how resistant they are! Client who will come back for re-fill, will have clean, complete nails without damages

    Unique clarity of fashion clear will distinguish embedded decorations

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    Indigo Cover n°4  38g

    Indigo Cover n°4 38g

    Powder cover 4


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